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Daniela Komatović: Jewellery for generations

Daniela Komatović is a graphic designer, painter, photographer and, above all, designer of jewellery. She was born in Prague, where she studied graphic design. In January 2015, she launched her own line of fine art jewellery, which in a short period of time has become a well-recognized and successful brand. Luxurious, extravagant jewellery made of gold with gemstones and pearls attracts the attention of the most demanding design enthusiasts, including members of the society and diplomatic circles. In 2017, Daniela won gold in the Jewellery, Eyewear and Watch Design category of the prestigious worldwide “A’ Design Award and Competition” held every year in Milan.

  • By Veronika Novakova, Raiffeisenbank a.s. |

Did you always know that you wanted to design jewellery?

I always knew that I wanted to do art. Back in my childhood, I enjoyed painting a lot and when I was six, I started attending a children’s art school to learn all kinds of techniques. I have been using this experience to this day, be it in graphic design or product photography, painting or jewellery design. However, I eventually chose to be a graphic designer for practical reasons, although perhaps I would prefer painting. Jewellery design was completely unplanned and it came to me about three years ago. Above all, my husband, who is a gemmologist, showed me the way.

What is your source of inspiration?

I enjoy hiking, I am very interested in history, space, philosophy, literature, the world of art, as well as numbers, geometry and asymmetry, in which I look for symmetry. Each of my jewellery lines is a reflection of a certain topic I care about. Also the names indicate this, for example Cosmos, Vertex, Liberty, Eye To The Soul or Gothic.

What materials do you work with and how do you procure them?

My jewellery is made of gold only, I don’t use other materials. It’s always a combination of gold and gemstones. I cannot even imagine a material other than gold to match the finest sapphires, emeralds, semi-precious stones or pearls and diamonds that my husband gets for me at the world’s bourses. I like to use black rhodium as it adds a mystical elegance to my jewellery and highlights the magnificent shiny colours of beautiful gemstones. My goal was to create original, extravagant, yet luxurious jewellery that will, as I hope, be passed on from generation to generation.

Last year, you won gold at the “A‘ Design Award and Competition”. What does the award mean to you? Does it open any door to move forward?

Every award from a jury of professionals cheers you up in your work and gives you real proof that what you do is really good and should be carried on. It’s natural to doubt oneself from time to time. Also, such an award puts a light on you, of course, which particularly influences sales and interest, which in turn helps you cover all the cost and develop your brand further.

Where to would you like to develop on your way? What is your professional goal?

I am intensively working on making my way to other countries to make my brand globally renowned. My principal wish is to build my brand to be perceived as something extraordinary, truly exclusive and of art value, a synonym for quality and finest design.

You said you want to promote your brand in other countries as well. Which are you particularly interested in and why?

This particularly concerns big European cities such as Vienna, London, Berlin or Paris. The next wave might include some cities overseas as well. People in the world are interested in my design and it would be a pity to not seize the opportunity.

What would you recommend to aspiring artists, creatives, designers? What should they keep in mind when settling a business in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a prosperous country. Talent and interesting ideas are not enough to succeed in the heavy competition and the relatively small market; you also need dedication, persistence and diligence. This may sound trivial, but you can hardly succeed without such characteristics anywhere in the world.

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