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Discover Hungary by train | Discover CEE

When visiting Hungary, it is worth taking a day trip into the countryside to see the hidden treasures of this beautiful country. Here are some tips for travelling inland by train that you can do in one day with comfortable and fast trains.

  • By Ákos Murányi, Raiffeisen Bank in Hungary

Travelling by train?

Yes! Trains are becoming more and more popular in Hungary as speed and comfort have greatly improved in recent years, not to mention user-friendly digital solutions. You can do everything (buy tickets, track your train, plan your route) in a single application. There are many new carriages on both the intercity and regional routes, you can enjoy premium cabins on selected intercity trains or modern but traditional street food in the dining cars towards Lake Balaton.

Cooling off in the hot summer

An obvious destination is Lake Balaton if you want to take a cool dip or just enjoy the beach life. InterCity trains run almost hourly from Budapest to the lake. In just under 90 minutes you can plunge into the waves or enjoy a cocktail on the beach. The most popular towns are Siófok, Fonyód, Keszthely and Balatonfüred.

Lake Balaton with nice clouds

Another option is to visit Hajdúszoboszló. This town in Eastern Hungary offers the biggest bath-complex in CEE with countless thermal baths, swimming pools and wellness areas – you can even surf here! The driving time is about two hours, so you can make an eventful, relaxing day trip.



Visiting beautiful cities

If you don’t want to swim or fancy a more active programme, it is worth visiting the following cities also in Hungary as a day trip. Szeged offers you many cultural sights and a very lively atmosphere, including the famous SZIN Summer Festival at the end of August. The driving time is about two hours.

Szeged, Hungary - Aerial panoramic view of the Votive Church and Cathedral of Our Lady of Hungary (Szeged Dom) on a sunny summer day with Inner Town Bridge (Belvarosi hid) and blue sky and clouds

Pécs, the former European Capital of Culture in Southern Hungary, is famous for its special microclimate and the old buildings from the Turkish period. Walk around the main square after dark and take a bus during the day to the 682-metre-high Mecsek Mountains – only three hours from Budapest.

Pecs, Szekesegyhaz. Bird eye view at night
aerial view of Mecsekaerial view of Mecsek, near Pecs hungary

Leaving Hungary for the west? Get off the Railjet train in Győr to enjoy the beautiful city on the banks of the Danube. Did you know that there is an island and a thermal complex between the old 16th century houses? Only one hour from Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava.

The Carmelite Church of Gyor is one of the most important historic churches of the city, the most important building in the cityscape of the Vienna Gate Square.

And… you will be sustainable!

Even though Hungary has a good motorway network, why should you drive during your holiday? You can relax in the comfortable coaches and take another step towards achieving our world’s sustainability goals.

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