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EU Platform on Sustainable Finance launches new criteria for all six Taxonomy objectives

The Technical Working Group of the Platform for Sustainable Finance issued their final report on the remaining four environmental objectives (in the report also known as 'TAX04') containing preliminary recommendations for technical screening criteria for the EU Taxonomy (together with the technical annex and its technical screening criteria). 

It is very similar to the one already published in the course of the August Taxonomy Package.

The remaining four environmental objectives of the EU Taxonomy are:

  • sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources,
  • transition to a circular economy,
  • pollution prevention and control,
  • protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Industrial sectors that will be covered under these remaining four environmental objectives can be associated with but are not limited to the following economic activities:

  • Agriculture
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Manufacture of plastic packaging goods
  • Construction activities
  • Aviation
  • Restoration, remediation + tourism
  • Water supply, sewage and waste management

Economic activities that are still not yet covered and are being postponed again contain those being associated with mining and processing sectors.

This report will be carefully analyzed by the Commission in due course. The report, that the Platform was mandated to prepare by the Commission, does not bind the European Commission on any decision on the matter. Then the following delegated act will be the environmental delegated act as the climate delegated act, covering the objectives climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation, is already in application since 1 January 2022.

Published on 13.07.2022


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