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As a financial player rooted in Central Eastern Europe, we offer a clear understanding of the dynamic and volatile markets we serve as well as a proven capital markets expertise.

Leverage these to minimize your risk with hedging solutions tailored to the needs of your corporation.

Make hedging your CEE risks happen

Focus on your core business

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Anticipating risks to avoid losses

Hedging is an essential financial strategy tailored for businesses to control and minimize potential damages that may result from unfavorable shifts in foreign exchange (FX) rates and interest rates. These shifts can significantly affect the primary operations of your business. The intricacy of managing such risks increases as the geopolitical and economic landscape becomes more diverse. Navigating these complexities can be challenging without the assistance of a regional partner like Raiffeisen Bank International, which provides expert guidance in risk management.

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Developing your business in CEE without worries

Selecting the appropriate hedging strategy is crucial for maintaining your competitiveness, especially during periods of market volatility. This involves minimising additional costs, whether related to interest or foreign exchange (FX) rates, and limiting your business's exposure to these financial risks. By doing so, you can concentrate on expanding your core business operations, and execute your business plans with assurance. With the support of a local partner readily available to help tackle your challenges, your focus remains unwavering on your business growth and stability. 

The relationship bank for CEE business

We are established in the dynamic CEE region and have a vested interest in it. Our mission is to optimize the business performance of our coporate clients by delivering comprehensive, tailored solutions specific to each country. Additionally, we provide multinational, global offerings, ensuring a seamless integration of services across borders.

Capital Markets Hedging

Tackle together with RBI your impending challenges. 

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Leverage our Expertise

Use our capital markets and CEE local market expertise to mitigate corporate risks, capitalize on opportunities, and boost future profitability.

Understanding the diverse Central Eastern European countries as well as the conditions that govern them is not easy. We offer free tips on how to successfully hedge in CEE as well as should you have a concrete request the possibility to send us an enquiry. Get an accurate perspective from the leading CEE business bank.

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Risk Detection and Hedging

We empower corporates to identify and hedge against potential future risks in our core region, ensuring business continuity and growth. With the right financial instruments and product mix we have the means to execute transactions but also to support complex hedging constellations.

Plus our Raiffeisen Research analysts deliver deep insights on the markets we serve, enabling our corporate treasury clients to take informed decisions and navigate the markets more effectively.

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A reliable partner for the long run

We strive for long lasting relationships built on trust and expertise. Whether it be for benchmarking & best hedging practices, as well as trainings or inputs on regulatory compliance we are at hand to develop your capabilities as well as providing an unparalleled access to CEE markets.

Make hedging your CEE risks happen

At the forefront of Hedging innovation

Finding the solution together

For corporations with business activities in the CEE region we created a specific enquiry form. Get in touch with us that way. 

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A team ready to meet your challenges

Far beyond the traditional execution business we assist, develop your know-how and create  added value for your business by giving you access to our local market expertise as well as to our capital markets expertise. Our team of experienced financial experts is here to analyze your unique situation, understand your goals, and provide you with a personalized plan that suits your needs.

Get your guide: The keys to hedging your risks in CEE.

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