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EBA published its Report on 2021 with an outlook on 2022 priorities

European Banking Authority (EBA) published its 2021 report, which also marked its 10th report anniversary. EBA shares with us its achievements in 2021 and presents an overview of 2022 priorities.

Understanding where EBA is standing and where it is heading is essential for financial institutions' long-term resource planning. Below you can find an overview. 

The achievements of 2021:

  • supporting the deployment of the risk reduction package (e.g. aligning the SREP with CRR & CRD updates) and the implementation of effective resolution tools,
  • becoming an integrated EU data hub and leveraging technology to perform comprehensive analyses,
  • building the infrastructure in the EU to lead, coordinate and monitor AML/CFT supervision,
  • providing the policies to factor in and manage ESG risks,
  • promote the ESAs’ cross-sectoral work under the Joint Committee, and
  • addressing the aftermath of COVID-19.

The priorities for 2022:

  • monitoring and updating the prudential framework for supervision and resolution, 
  • revisiting and strengthening the EU-wide stress testing framework,
  • leveraging banking and financial data through EUCLID,
  • deepening analysis and information-sharing to increase digital resilience and support fintechs and innovation,
  • contributing to a new EU infrastructure for the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing,
  • providing tools to measure and manage ESG risks, and
  • monitoring and mitigating the impact of COVID-19.

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