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Easy access to corporate information for investors: Council agrees its position on the European Single Access Point (ESAP)

On 29 June 2022, the European Council agreed on its position on the European Single Access Point (ESAP) proposal, which is part of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) package. The aim of this initiative is to provide a single point of access to public information about EU companies and investment products.

By centralizing financial and nonfinancial information presented in an easily comparable digital format, ESAP will allow investors to gain a better understanding of the capital market and make informed decisions as a result.

ESAP does not introduce new reporting requirements on European companies - instead, it builds on existing EU legislation and will contain already publicly available information.

By designing a gradual introduction of the ESAP platform, the EU-Council ensures robust implementation, further allowing for European regulations and directives to enter into the scope of ESAP between 2026 and 2030. Additionally, the EU-Council position provides regular assessments of the platform's performance and a clause guaranteeing its suitability for users and technical efficiency.

The EU-Council's position for the introduction of the ESAP ensures maximum flexibility for the collection of information in member states while relying on existing schemes to limit the costs of adaptation for national authorities and reporting entities. Through the centralization of the ESAP, the currently burdensome ESG data collection might be eased, and data availability will be improved.

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