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A record 263 financial institutions with USD 31 trillion market coverage demand environmental data from 1400+ non-disclosing companies

Through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a non-profit organization based in London that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts, 263 financial institutions from 29 countries (including Amundi, Aviva, Société Générale Private Wealth Management and Union Investment) are urging non-disclosing companies with a high environmental impact to disclose their data.

Companies targeted (including Inc, Andritz AG, Apple Inc, Bank of China, Bawag Group AG, BMW AG, DO & CO AG, Erste Group Bank AG, Ferrari, Tesla, etc.) have a market coverage of over 24 trillion US Dollars and are believed to collectively emit more than 4.800 Megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. 72% of these companies were requested to disclose on at least their impact on climate change, however, 25% already disclose through CDP on one topic either climate change, forests or water security. The reason for their inclusion is that they do not disclose at least one other topic, which is regarded as material to the CPD.

Direct engagement is coordinated by CDP's 2022 Non-Disclosure Campaign (NDC), which aims to encourage companies to disclose through CDP that have not previously disclosed. This campaign has seen an average of 39% per-year growth since 2017 and a 57% growth since last year. This data shows that companies are far more likely to disclose through CDP when they are directly engaged by investors.

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