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Commission proposes zero-emissions targets for city buses by 2030, and 90% reductions for trucks by 2040 as part of the European Green Deal

With heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) producing more than 25% of road transport greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and over 6% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions, the EU’s goal is to reach climate neutrality and cut air pollution by making all new city buses zero-emission by 2030. Similarly, heavy trailers and semitrailers will have new energy efficiency standards.

Specifically, the new proposed standards for almost all new HDVs are (compared to 2019):

  • 45% emissions reduction from 2030,
  • 65% emissions reduction from 2035,
  • 90% emissions reduction from 2040.

By reducing demand for imported fossil fuels and enhancing energy savings and efficiencies in EU transport, this proposal also contributes to the European Green Deal and REPowerEU objectives.

The main benefits of the proposal:

  • By 2040, reduce CO2 emissions by 90% from new HDVs, with intermediate goals Boost zero-emission mobility and reach the EU's 2050 climate neutrality target
  • By reducing air pollutants, especially in cities and towns, improve air quality and health for Europeans
  • Improving the EU's energy efficiency and reducing its dependence on imported fossil fuels
  • Invest in innovative zero-emission technologies for a clear signal to industry to pursue a zero-emission pathway
  • For all users and transport operators, reduce the cost of fuel and ownership
  • Boost the market penetration of low and zero-emission vehicles while expediting the deployment of recharging and refueling infrastructure
  • Enhance the technological and innovative prowess of EU industries to generate employment opportunities.

Furthermore, it is a key sector for supporting the European clean tech industry and boosting international competitiveness. These revised standards provide a clear and long-term signal for EU industry investments in innovative zero-emission technologies and boost infrastructure rollout for recharging and refueling.

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