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Donation for Ukrainian orphans in Austrian Burgenland

Raiffeisen Bank International Retail Board member Andrii Stepanenko, accompanied by a representative of the Stepic CEE Charity, visited Ukrainian orphans in Austrian Burgenland. The charity, together with its long-time project partner "kleine Herzen" and many volunteers recently organized the evacuation of 63 orphans (some disabled) from the ages of two months to six years, their two doctors, 20 nurses and 13 nannies: they found a vacant SeneCura hotel in Austria, prepared it for hosting the children as well as their caregivers and organized their travel from Ukraine.

The running costs for the accommodation as well as the catering of the orphans and the staff are ensured by donations of SeneCura and the province of Burgenland. Now the new hotel inhabitants happily welcomed their visitors who delivered a donation from Raiffeisen Bank International employees: the supply for one quarter of urgently needed diapers and other hygiene items. 

Children playing
Group picture