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We stand together

We stand together

The war in Ukraine has a devastating impact on the country’s people and economy. The lives of millions of people have been turned upside down from one day to the next, their future and hope destroyed. At RBI, we uphold charity, respect, support, and cohesion – and we help in any way we can. Be it with emergency aid at the borders, with the education center at RCB, lodging or just some basic human support.

Every human needs a helping hand.


Helping @ RBI

Immediately after the outbreak of the war, a group of volunteers formed at RBI to organize assistance for our Ukrainian colleagues. Our colleagues take in refugees, provide living space free of charge, help with transportation or official business and much more.

Every human needs education.


Classroom with pupils
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Preparations for the School Leaving Examination at the Ukrainian Educational Center of Raiffeisen Centrobank are in full swing

At the Ukrainian Educational Center, which was opened in April in the former premises of Raiffeisen Centrobank, the majority of the 120 students who fled the war are now preparing for the so-called matriculation examination - comparable to the Austrian School Leaving Examination. It can be taken in Vienna in July and will also be recognized in Ukraine.

Radio station Ö1 reported on June 8, 2022 under the title "Matura mitten im Krieg" (School Leaving Examination in the midst of war) about the educational center and let students, teachers and the management have their say. They explain what the educational center means to them, what is taught there and what options exist for the time after graduation.

Every human needs support.


Our initiatives across the group

Immediately after the start of the war, employee-driven initiatives emerged at RBI's subsidiary banks in Ukraine and especially in neighboring countries to the west, as well as at RBI head office. Their focus was and is to help in particular displaced colleagues and their families. The local banks make this help possible with their structures and technical resources – from a hotline staffed around the clock to an information website and ATMs right at the border. In the weeks following the outbreak of the war, the RBI Group donated or pledged around € 10 million for humanitarian aid. Below you will find an overview of our humanitarian activities.

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  • RBI bands collect donations for Ukraine
  • Raiffeisen Centrobank Education Center
  • Donation for Ukrainian orphans in Austrian Burgenland
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Raiffeisen Bank donates € 30,000


  • "Choose to help" raised € 70,000
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Czech Republic

  • Raiffeisenbank and Equa bank donate € 8.2 million
  • Donating via mobile app
  • Czech colleagues donate a day's salary 


  • Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo donates € 25,000 
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  • Transportation, accommodation, and medication by volunteers
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  • Raiffeisen Bank doubles donations from employees


  • Slovakian subsidiaries offer free basic banking services
  • Reception of Ukrainian refugees 
  • Tatra banka wins award for humanitarian volunteer work in Ukraine
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  • Humanitarian aid from the Ukrainian Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen INSIDE special edition April 2022


This special issue of Raiffeisen INSIDE focuses on the war and the support that has been given to the people in need. Download the magazine now to find out more about the initiatives and how we tried to help since the first day of war.

Everyone human needs a home.



Accommodation is one of the most urgent needs for ukrainian families. We are trying to help by offering private options, as well as renting apartments for families until they can move to long-term locations.

So far we have provided 900 families from Ukraine with a roof over their heads.

Examples are the apartments that Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG and the Valida Vorsorge Management, amongst others, rented.

Every human needs a chance.


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Stepic CEE Charity

Through its continous engagement in Ukraine the Stepic CEE Charity is well connected and relies on a network of trusted local and international partner organizations. It ensures that the funds are allocated to where they are needed most.  

The Stepic CEE Charity has put more than € 100,000 into humanitarian emergency measures in the first week after the outbreak alone: from the evacuation of orphans in Mariupol to a safe region in the west of the country, to emergency measures for hundreds of displaced persons, primarily women and children, in Ivano-Frankivsk, Berdyansk and Odessa, to financial support for Caritas and Hilfswerk Österreich in helping displaced persons in neighboring countries. 

If you wish to be part of this vital assistance, your financial support is very much appreciated.

Please donate

Your support matters! Please make sure to put “Ukraine 2022” in the field “transaction purpose”. Your donation will arrive in full where needed, since we do not incur any administrative costs. The donation is tax deductible.

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