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Aid measures by Raiffeisen KAG and Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG for people from Ukraine

Accommodation is needed throughout Europe for millions of people who have fled the war in Ukraine. Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG, a subsidiary of Raiffeisen KAG, has offered unbureaucratic and rapid help: The measures are multi-layered and primarily concern the procurement of accommodation. At the same time, donations in kind from Raiffeisen KAG’s and Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG’s employees made it possible to furnish and equip individual housing units. Here is a brief overview of the projects supported:

Project 1: Long-term housing for two families

Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG assumes the rent, operating and energy costs as well as all other ongoing ancillary costs (insurance, internet) for two flats in Vienna's 10th district, each of which is made available to a Ukrainian family. These flats are located in residential properties of the VR I Fund* and were rented by Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG at market prices.

The flats were equipped with donations in kind from employees of Raiffeisen KAG and Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG. Some colleagues also actively helped with the furnishing. In the meantime, one Ukrainian refugee family lives in each of the two flats. Raiffeisen KAG and Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG are also supporting them in their dealings with the authorities and doctors and generally helping them to settle in and integrate.

Project 2: short-term living space in hotel rooms

Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG's R320* real estate fund has acquired two hotel properties in Munich and Nuremberg, among others, which are owned as special assets by the fund's shareholders. The operator of these hotel properties is the B&B Hotel Group. Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG will rent a total of six rooms (three per hotel) for refugees from Ukraine from the B&B Hotel Group. B&B supports the action with a price reduction for Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG.

Project 3: Donations within the framework of the IMMO-HILFT initiative

In addition to its own measures, Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG will participate in the IMMO-HILFT initiative, a solidarity campaign by the real estate industry to support refugees from Ukraine, by donating money to Caritas. The money will be used for the creation of living space or for the furnishing of living space.

*Since the assets of the R320 and the VR I (real estate fund) are the special assets of our investors, all measures relating to the fund are compliance-checked and disclosed. 

Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG assumes the rent, operating and energy costs as well as the ongoing ancillary costs for the flats of two Ukrainian families in Austria – the flats were furnished with donations in kind and with the help of employees of Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG and Raiffeisen KAG. Photos: Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG


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