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Donation for Ukrainian orphans in Austrian Burgenland

Raiffeisen Bank International Retail Board member Andrii Stepanenko, accompanied by a representative of the Stepic CEE Charity, visited Ukrainian orphans in Austrian Burgenland.

RBI-Bands sammeln für Ukraine

RBI bands collect donations for Ukraine

In the beginning of May two bands which were founded by RBI employees hosted a charity concert. All ticket proceeds and donations will go to CARITAS for their projects "Zweite Gruft" and their Ukraine emergency aid.

the child sits at the window with the flag of ukraine. State support in war. United Europe against Russia. Hope for the world. Anxiety and anticipation. Children's tears. Save Ukraine, the child sits at the window with the flag of ukraine. State sup

Stepic CEE Charity - proven aid and emergency measures in Ukraine

The Stepic CEE Charity has not only been active in Ukraine since 2006 with various projects, such as a day care centre for neglected street children in Fastiv next to Kiew or an orphanage in Bohodukhiv close to Kharkiv, but also provided fast emergency aid directly after the outbreak of the war.

RBI - Help from the first day of the war

As soon as the news about the war in Ukraine spread, a group of volunteers formed in RBI and immediately started to provide aid to their Ukrainian colleagues. Iryna Arzner, leader of this volunteer group, which has now grown to over 200 people, talks in this video about how RBI stood together from day one of the war to help Ukrainian colleagues.

Raiffeisen Centrobank initiates educational centre for Ukrainian youths

Raiffeisen Centrobank, the City of Vienna and private donors – including Stepic CEE Charity – are sponsoring in equal shares an education centre for Ukrainian youths who have come to Vienna due to the war in their country. 

Aid measures by Raiffeisen KAG and Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG for people from Ukraine

Accommodation is needed throughout Europe for millions of people who have fled the war in Ukraine. Raiffeisen Immobilien KAG, a subsidiary of Raiffeisen KAG, has offered unbureaucratic and rapid help.

Czech Republic

Interview with Andreas Gschwenter, Board Member at both RBI and Stepic CEE Charity

The RBI Group is providing around 6 million euros in emergency aid. Employees are helping their Ukrainian colleagues to flee. RBI Management Board member Andreas Gschwenter describes the current situation. 

Two flats for refugee families

Valida Vorsorge Management provides two flats in Vienna Oberlaa* for Ukrainian refugees. Before the two families moved in, dedicated Valida employees helped assemble the furniture under the coordination of Office Manager Edith Pohler. 

Interview with RBI Board Member Andrii Stepanenko

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) is strongly committed to humanitarian aid for Ukraine. In an interview, RBI Board Member Andrii Stepanenko gives an overview of the aid measures, banking operations in Ukraine and the consequences for retail banking.